Saulter Street Brewery - It's About Time...







Saulter Street Brewery approached us to name, brand, and develop marketing materials for their new craft beer, a Czech-style pilsner brewed from locally sourced ingredients. Working with Arke’s Art Director I came up with a concept rooted in place: the trendy, up-and-coming hood of Riverside, the brewery's home. Thus their name: Riverside Pilsner.


For the brand, I developed an approachable voice, both familiar and inviting -- reflecting the unique character of the neighbourhood. Their tag: "It's About Time..." refers to the neighbourhood's time motif, reflected in the iconic Ralph Thornton Community Centre clock, the Time and Clock Bridge, and the time-themed quotes that mark Riverside's sidewalks. More than that, the tag communicates that finally, someone's released a pilsner that combines complex taste with serious drinkability.

We made Saulter Street's cans, website, coasters, t-shirts, and sell sheets.

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